Max Hodann, M.D.

Physician, eugenicist, sex educator, socialist

In 1921, Hodann worked temporarily as a doctor for venereal disease; from 1922-1923, he served as medical health officer in Reinickendorf, Berlin. Hodann was on the staff of the Institute for Sexual Science from 1926 to 1929. He was head of sexual counseling, the "eugenic department for mother and child," and organized public question-and-answer evenings on sex education. He wrote a number of sex education publications, which were temporarily banned.

Hodann was a member of the Association of Socialist Physicians and the Reich's Association for Birth Control and Sexual Hygiene.

He was arrested in 1933 and detained without a trial for a while. In exile in England, Hodann failed in his effort to set up an Institute there. He died in Sweden.