Adelheid Rennhack
  (born 1909)

Adelheid Rennhack was active at the Institute from summer 1928 to its close in early summer 1933, and was responsible for the entire in-house organization.

After finishing school, she learned tailoring from her mother in Stolp i. P. In 1927, she came to Berlin and first worked in a household in Spandau.

In the Institute her duties included the maintenance of the reception- and social rooms, care for the guests and patients who were housed in the upper floor of the villa, tableside service, maintenance of the laundry and cutlery, and any necessary shopping. Now and again she sat at the reception desk. Vis-à-vis her activity in the Institute, Adelheid Rennhack was the first contact person for many patients in the Institute, and for many she became a good friend.

As many other employees, Adelheid also lived at the Institute. In addition to room and board, she received a salary of 30 Marks per month. Her work hours were from 7 AM to 6 PM.