Reconstruction of the Transitions Photo-Wall
      Magnus Hirschfeld used the wall to illustrate the "theory of sexual transitions," which he postulated in 1910. Corresponding to the theory itself, it is divided into four sections:

 - Transition stages of the genitals  1 - 4 
 - Transition stages of other physical qualities  5 - 9 
 - Transition stages of sexual drive  10 - 12 
 - Transition stages of other psychological qualities  13 - 17 

Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld
Sexual Transitions
Sexes Intermédiaires
Sexuelle Zwischenstufen
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 
     10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17 

The wall of photographs titled "Sexual Transitions" has been reconstructed. The original was probably shown publicly for the first time in 1922 at the "Hundred Year Celebration of German Natural Scientists and Physicians" in Leipzig. It was later shown on other occasions, such as the IVth Congress of the "World League for Sexual Reform" (Weltliga für Sexualreform) in 1930 in Vienna. The permanent site of the "Transitions" photo-wall was the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin. It was explained within the scope in house courses and public tours.

The reproduction is based on various photographs of the original. The illustrations used in preparing them have been taken from books written by Magnus Hirschfeld and his colleagues. A portion of the pictures on Hirschfeld's original "Sexual Transitions Photo-Wall" could either not be identified or were concealed in photographs. Some could not be located in the books available. These gaps have been marked by light gray fields.

The photo titles and captions could not be deciphered on the photographs of the original "Sexual Transitions Photo-Wall." We have titled the four groups with terms that Magnus Hirschfeld himself used for the categories depicted in the photographs. It is likely that the titles appeared in three languages. The captions are texts or text fragments taken from Hirschfeld's books.

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