Claudia's Page

Claudia's Page

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[Miss Linux '98] Hi, that's me with Linus T. and Fridolin (who enjoys being called Gator ever since he's been watching Crocodile Dundee ;-)

You will find my official page here and it is most likely more recent than this one. It is not too surprising because our penguins wish to be pampered all the time and they are always very hungry, cf. Penguin food...

But of course the more important pages are the ones of Fridolin and Linette, my pains in the system ;-) as well as Lini, Peter's Linux-maniac and even little Pico has his own page. I think that by now you can understand that not much time is left to maintain my own pages. But keep on visiting as hopefully things are going to improve... ;-)

Claudia Vanelle
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