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[Fridolin: Would you please scratch my beak?] [Fridolin: I am well known as G A T O R
!] Hi, I am Fridolin. Unfortunately, my user Claudia is a very chaotic person - although she has finally started the work on my pages. I admit it is hard to edit this and scratch my beak at the same time. And I could really do with some more penguin food. But now I can take care of food myself :-)

There's not so much to be seen here but some more can be found at /usr/local and hopefully Claudia will do some more work. Meanwhile you can have a look at my cardbox brother Lini's site as he seems to handle his Peter more successfully... ;-) And Linette's and Pico's pages are not bad either :-) But there are already some pictures of our holidays to be seen.

Claudia has been writing down a lot of our adventures and she intends to put them here one day. But sometimes I think that she considers her Work to be more important than we are. On the other hand, the money for the pizza-man has to be earned so we'd better be a little more patient... ;-)

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