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1233_branches_config-rom-2.4.tar.bz2 13-Jul-2004 05:39  422K  
1233_branches_incr-bus-scan.tar.bz2  13-Jul-2004 05:39  407K  
1234_trunk.tar.bz2                   27-Nov-2004 04:07  461K  
1251_trunk.tar.bz2                   17-Jan-2005 00:06  462K  
1254_trunk.tar.bz2                   02-Feb-2005 04:12  462K  
1286_branches_linux-2.4.tar.bz2      19-May-2005 14:51  402K  
1299_trunk.tar.bz2                   09-Jul-2005 19:48  481K  
1321_trunk.tar.bz2                   15-Aug-2005 22:11  459K  
1334_trunk.tar.bz2                   27-Sep-2005 21:52  458K  
Changelog_0001-0250                  06-Aug-2001 08:54   68K  
Changelog_0251-0500                  29-May-2002 05:13   78K  
Changelog_0501-0750                  15-Jan-2003 12:43   83K  
Changelog_0751-1000                  11-Jul-2003 14:26   88K  
Changelog_1001-1250                  15-Jan-2005 08:03   89K  
Changelog_1251-1334                  27-Sep-2005 21:52   42K  
ieee1394_1316_linux2611.tar.bz2      24-Jul-2005 15:38  479K  

IEEE 1394 kernel drivers for Linux 2.6 (trunk) and 2.4 (branches/linux-2.4)

These are snapshots from the repository of the linux1394 project. Visit for the real thing. Also have a look at's
SVN-Commits Archives for patch logs. Userspace libraries libraw1394 and
libiec61883 can be found at

Alas, is frequently offline. If you are lucky, the
Subversion repo can be accessed by
$ svn checkout svn://

| (Update 31 Oct 2005:)                                                   |
| The 1394 sources in the official kernel are newer than those in SVN     |
| revision 1334. Also check the -mm kernel for eventual 1394 updates.     |

Note to users of Linux 2.6.11.x and 2.6.12.x:
ieee1394_1316_linux2611.tar.bz2 contains rev 1316 with the below mentioned
patches reverted. It is tested to compile in Linux 2.6.11.x and 2.6.12.x
but contains everything from's rev 1316 what I consider to be
bug fixes or improvements.

Note to users of older kernels:
Linux 2.4 requires branches/linux-2.4, currently at revision 1286.
Linux  requires trunk at rev. 1234 or older.
Linux 2.6.9    requires trunk at rev. 1251 or older.
Linux 2.6.10   requires trunk at rev. 1254 or older.
Linux 2.6.11.x requires trunk at rev. 1299 or older.
Linux 2.6.12.x requires trunk at rev. 1299 or older.
Linux 2.6.13.x requires trunk at rev. 1321 or older.
Newer revisions of the 1394 drivers compile only in some Linux 2.6.14-rc

You may have luck with newer revisions in Linux 2.6.11/12 if you
a) compile only the drivers that you really need and
b) revert just the changes that relate to 2.6.13 and 2.6.14 API changes.
In a freshly downloaded trunk directory at rev. 1316, run
$ svn diff -r 1311:1309 | patch -p0
$ svn diff -r 1306:1304 | patch -p0
$ svn diff -r 1301:1299 | patch -p0
Under 2.6.11.x, also run
$ svn diff -r 1297:1296 | patch -p0
I have not yet checked which patches after 1316 need to be reverted.

Stefan Richter
-=====-=-=-= =-=- =====