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Hanomag AL 28 - Facts and Addresses

This page is intended for enthusiasts, which enjoy old 4x4-lorries like the HANOMAG AL28 or older versions of the Mercedes Benz UNIMOG.
This is no commercial service! I just tried to collect information useful for other owners of these old cars, which are trying to keep their old cars running...

As usual: There is no warranty at all! For suggestions, corrections or improvements (on my language, perhaps :-), please send me an eMail:
Thomas from Bad Duerkheim, July 12 2002

For those interested in details of the brake system:
Technical Description Hydrair !!!

Dates for Meetings:

Whitsunday 2001
between Koeln and Duesseldorf (Germany)
Andre Kreidel
Stieglitzweg 32
D-50829 Koeln 30
Fon +49 221 583857
Fax +49 221 9583044

Adresses for commercial assistance:

Allrad Ruhland HANOMAG, Unimog
Spare-Parts, Vehicles, Repair-Workshops (Courses)
Dealer & Repair-Shop, espec. HANOMAG AL 28
Mr. Walter Ruhland
Am Weidegrund 1a
D-82194 Groebenzell
Fon +49 8142 69 86
Fax +49 8142 6 02 55
AMR Aktiv-Mobil-Reisen HANOMAG, IFA etc.
Spare-Parts, Vehicles, Equipment
Dealer & Travel
Mr. Joergen Hohenstein
Kastanienallee 2
D-21337 Lueneburg
Fon +49 4131 812 21
Fax +49 4131 812 71
N.H.Matz HANOMAG, Unimog, Faun etc.
D-24941 Flensburg
Fon +49 461 91 311
Fax +49 461 95 318
Philipp from Hanfbachtal HANOMAG, Faun etc.
Spare-Parts, Vehicles, Equipment
Dealer & Repair-Shop
D-53773 Hennef
Fon +49 2248 91 21 03
Fax +49 2248 91 21 04
Visit on appointment
Nord-Truck GmbH Magirus, IFA etc.
Spare-Parts, Vehicles, Equipment, used Tires
Dealer & Repair-Shop
Hauptstrasse 1
D-24980 Schafflund
Fon and Fax: +49 4639 7 80 80
Firma Schaper Spare-Parts and Re-Builded Parts for Hanomag
Fon and Fax: +49 511 44 82 62
Duty hours Mon til Fri 9am - 1pm
Andre Kreidel Spare-Parts for Hanomag Andre Kreidel
Stieglitzweg 32
D-50829 Koeln 30
Fon +49 221 583857
Fax +49 221 9583044


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