Linette Tux

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Linette is a bit shy and too busy to maintain her page, so I and I must take care of this. Linette met us at Paderborn. Nobody wanted her, so Claudia has adopted her. Lini and Fridolin consider themselves as elder brothers and insist on their proprietary rights towards her. Pictures from her hatching can be found here.

You will hardly see Linette without Redhat, her -no, of course not a plush-penguin. If you ever come near Redhat, make sure you have no food anywhere near you: shy little Linette has the most greedy companion you can imagine. (As we compare this to Linux penguin standards, this hint is better not ignored, see penguin food as a reference...)

We believe that Linette's shy bearing camouflages a genius hacker (this is also compared to Linux penguin's standards so do not underestimate her if we're right!) And since we took her to Berlin we know that she is still very young also: she fell for trams immediately! To walk (east-)Berlin with her takes three times as long as alone because she insists on stopping to watch every single tram that comes along.

But when Claudia flew to Stuttgart with her it became even topped. Because Stuttgart also has trams you may believe? Good thinking but far off: Flying has become her absolute passion! So you will not be surprised by her favourite links:

Linette Tux
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