Karl Besser
  (1900 - 1931)

Graphologist, Characterologist

Without having completed his medical studies, Besser worked at the Institute from 1924 right up to his death. First, he ran the "auxiliary section for genealogical and family research" and then set up an "auxiliary section for graphology and the study of facial expressions". He started collecting autographs and drew up expert graphological reports. He was particularly interested in the handwriting of homosexuals.

He regularly took part in lecturing at the Institute, where he had been living since 1929. He was an executive member of the "Scientific-Humanitarian Committee" (Wissenschaftliches-humanitäres Komitee) and conducted consultation sessions for people facing "psychological crises" on the Committee's behalf. Furthermore, he was temporarily the president of the German Society for Graphological Studies and managed its offices from the Institute.