Arthur Weil, M.D., D.V.M.

Veterinarian, physician, endocrinologist

Weil came to the Institute for Sexual Science as an external lecturer for physiology in 1920. He was also on the board of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee. A year later, he moved his residence to the Institute and headed the radiological therapeutic department. In 1921, he organized the "First International Conference for Sexual Reform on a Scientific Basis" and became an executive member of the Hirschfeld Foundation. He was also head of the endocrinology research department. In 1922, Weil received an award from the Berlin Physicians' Society for Sexual Science and Eugenics for his study of physical measurements of homosexuals, which aimed to provide evidence of a specifically homo-sexual make-up. He founded a Society for Sex Education in the same year and went to study in the United States. After returning to Germany, Weil had a falling-out with Hirschfeld, director of the Institute, and returned to the United States permanently in 1923.